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Will Digital Marketing Robots Take Over the World?


by Karime Rojas-Tepepa, William Rossi, Isabella Rupiper, Sydney Rockwell, Kiana Rios, Cielo Ruiz and Patrice Roberts

Digital/Online marketing is used to drive traffic to businesses and websites. In the past 10 years, the industry has grown exponentially. Singapore, Germany, Japan, and Sweden follow South Korea in leading the way of Online Marketing. Companies are using multiple types of digital marketing robots in their businesses – such as:

  • Mass emails for email marketing campaigns
  • Social media
  • Customer care/customer service
  • Traffic bots
  • SEO bots
  • …..

Digital marketing

For the most part there is little to no cost in online marketing. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are free; within those apps you may have to pay to “boost” your post to reach a broader range, but many are successful without having to spend money. People are also able to create websites for free now. If you want an exclusive website with your own professional URL you may have to pay, but many services are free. In addition, online marketing is very user friendly and for small businesses, can be managed internally without having to hire a marketing manager for social media. This in return saves a lot of money.


Digital marketing


Because of new technology and social media, marketing and market research has become easier. According to CNBC, there is data that shows that Market Research Analysts jobs are at risk of being displaced by automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and surveys. People are still needed to set up AI and survey questions, but the analysts are not always going into the field to gather the research anymore. For example, Amazon has built in programming to analyze your purchase habits to show you products that you should buy based on what you have previously bought. According to Marketingweek.com, 48% of brands have implemented automation technology in sales and marketing and another 40% plan to do so by 2020.

Most recently, the media has shown that robots are not working alongside humans but instead are taking over. Many humans feel that they are being displaced because of companies like Robot Marketer. Robot marketer is a program which completely takes over the online marketing portion of many companies, eliminating any jobs in the industry for humans. Although it may seem much more efficient for a companies business plan, in the long run these robots will completely eliminate online marketing jobs.


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The long-term ramifications of robot displacement in the Online Marketing industry will take away about 5 million+ jobs in the next decade. Programs such as Ranksnap, allow users to pay a robot to advertise their services, in faster time rather than having it marketed manually. Artificial Intelligence(AI) will destroy about 6% of all jobs in the United States by 2021. Consumers will still end up buying the company’s products/services, most consumers don’t know who are the people or now robots that are producing the products/services. Nowadays, all we really know about a certain product especially on online marketing would be the price, materials and when it’ll be estimated to be delivered to the customer.

In conclusion, educational institutions should start leading their students in the direction of going for jobs that can not be done by using technology. They will either have to teach the students new efficient ways of doing their job or leading them to jobs that can not be done with technology. The end game is the theory that humans will end up becoming robots’ pets.


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