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10 Thoughts to “We Love FREE Stuff Bot Pros”

  1. Avatar Logan Peterson

    Reading straight from your phone on the video isn’t the best way to present the video. With the great information you have, this video would have been amazing if you were more prepared. Great work though!

  2. Avatar Ryen Stevens

    The information presented in the video is very precise and good. I think the video would have been better if the members were not reading from the phone and it was more natural speaking.

  3. Avatar Dylan Smith

    Could have better prepared. It would have helped the video if they could have spoken without reading it directly.

  4. Avatar cameron bell

    great video really enjoyed it!!!

  5. Avatar kiana

    everyone was very prepared

  6. Avatar Hayden Serro

    I learned a lot from the video but I think the group could have been a little bit more prepared with their lines, great job.

  7. Not to professional but good info

  8. Avatar Christian Kuchler

    Good video

  9. Avatar Brandon Thomas

    further preparation would have been better

  10. Avatar Jada Hackett

    A bit more rehearsal of the script would have made it better but otherwise, good job!

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