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Automation with Humanity: Putting the Candidate First

Companies are increasing their investment in recruitment automation. They recognize that automation can improve efficiency lift the administrative burden reduce costs enable data-driven decisions play a critical role in...

Former President Jonathan, Diri canvass for electronic voting to curb thuggery

Former President Good luck Jonathan called for the immediate adoption of electronic voting system to curb the trend of politicians using thuggery and cultism...

FREE Digital Bootcamp: Expand Your Online Presence

This free digital bootcamp is a four-part series to help you expand your online presence by launching and growing your online e-commerce store. This digital...

Man vs. Machine: Robots Took Your Job?

Man versus Machine: Are robots taking over more jobs by the day? Blue collar and white collar professionals are being increasingly replaced by robots by Iris...

Artificial Intelligence for License Plate Recognition

The role of AI in license plate recognition

Infographic: How AI advances have affected email tactics | Ragan Communications

AI technologies can help improve companies' PR with the use of email marketing and messaging. Using AI tools in your email campaign can help...

Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition Using HuskyLens : 6 Steps...

To start using HuskyLens, complete the connections at the transmitter and receiving side. Then, connect the modules to your PC and upload the project's...

Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Watch a forum of experts on AI and machine learning discuss the future of these technologies and how they will affect marketplace communications. For more...