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International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and EducationPlanning Education in the AI Era: Lead the leapAn international conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and education will...

COVID-19: AI Fighting the Pandemic Terror – By Michaellyam

Coronavirus: the alarming threat creates mayhem in the lives of many. Despite the terrifying conditions, technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are...

Taiwanese Robot Baseball Fan Ejected For Yelling Slurs At Pitch Camera

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN—Shouting “Commodore” as nearby automatons were forced to cover their small peripheral’s microphones, a Taiwanese robotic baseball fan was ejected from a Monkeys–Lions...

10 Classic JDramas That We All Miss – Annyeong Oppa

Just like Korea, China, and Taiwan; most ‘Titas of Kdrama’ can attest that Japan also has a fair share of great quality dramas, popularly...