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Ready for a robot to deliver your packages? New Oklahoma law...

Drones are not just for flying.   Now you have "personal delivery devices" -- that is, drones that crawl along sidewalks. Very soon these drones could...

Will a robot take my job? — one...

  A quick internet search reveals that one of the most googled questions is Will a robot take my job?  The fear of losing jobs...

Using Robots to Design Robots

Advanced computational tools are adopted to design machines, robots, and more.  Such technological capabilities are impressive - as demonstrated by artificial intelligence (AI) platforms...

Life-size Transformer robot stands several stories tall

  Check out this life-sized Transformer robot.  It stands several stories tall. This content was originally published here.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Science Series – Ep 2

This video explains AI and how it will be used in robots and machines in the future.

Man vs. Machine: Robots Took Your Job?

Man versus Machine: Are robots taking over more jobs by the day? Blue collar and white collar professionals are being increasingly replaced by robots by Iris...

Doxel Uses Artificial Intelligence-Robot To Track Construction Projects

The startup, Doxel, has developed an AI-based robot that can track construction projects and report detected inconsistencies with drawings. The robot can also compare...