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Does artificial intelligence mark the start of the next industrial revolution?

In this latest interview clip the NAO robot asks Arup’s Tim Chapman if artificial intelligence marks the beginning of the next industrial revolution. Find out...

US Navy robot submarine would be able to kill without human...

Boeing’s submarine could be equipped with an AIBoeingThe US Navy is quietly developing armed robot submarines controlled by onboard artificial intelligence. The vessels could...

Russia Is Planning A “Ground Force” of Armed Military Robots

Russia is working to develop a ground force of killer robots. For now, the tank-like bots need help from humans, but that may change...

Unboxing & Let’s Play – ROBOTIS PLAY 700 OLLOBOT – Fun...

PLAY 700 ---  a robot kit that allows you to create various robots!

Meet Sophia the Robot in Cambodia [Teaser #1 non-sub]

Sophia the Robot was in Phnom Penh talking about technology, Artificial Intelligence and how Cambodia can take advantage of the coming Industry 4.0 revolution.

Awesome Humanoid Robots (2014-2015)

World's top Humanoid Robots. Awesome Beatiful Humanoid Robot With Artificial Intelligence 2014-2015 World's Top Humanoid Robots Petman Humanoid

The Future of Robotics in Health Care

A pioneer in the field of robotic health care, Dr. Catherine Mohr discussed how healthcare professionals can lower costs and improve patient outcome through...

Sophia the robot answering questions at the Responsible Business Forum

ST's Shelina Assomull asking Sophia the robot - United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP) new innovation champion - if robots like her will take our...

ROBOTIS DARWIN-MINI Humanoid Robot Assembly – Robotics

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHySW-_j9Q Publicado el 19/04/2014 The DARWIN MINI humanoid robot by ROBOTIS features a simple, straight forward assembly process utilizing standardized common parts, a minimum of...