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Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Science Series – Ep 2

This video explains AI and how it will be used in robots and machines in the future.

Comparison: Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Watch how AI has evolved over the years in this video.

10 University Degrees Artificial Intelligence will render Useless

The advancement in AI, machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, and biotechnology is causing a widespread disruption to our labor markets. Learn which university degrees...

Doxel Uses Artificial Intelligence-Robot To Track Construction Projects

The startup, Doxel, has developed an AI-based robot that can track construction projects and report detected inconsistencies with drawings. The robot can also compare...

Domino’s partners with self-driving startup ‘nuro’ to pilot driverless pizza delivery

Nuro, a self-driving delivery startup is teaming up with Domino's to test a driverless pizza delivery in Houston, Texas. The pizza chain will use...

These robots work with humans, instead of replacing them

Universal Robots' general manager for Asia and Oceania, Shermine Gotfredsen, says that is it unlikely that AI will replace humans entirely since only 10%...