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Are Robots Displacing Professionals in the Publishing Industry?

by Isabelle Varon, Nicholas Varela, Olivia Verheyen, Alejandro Villareal, Kennedi Ware, Cameron Vidrine, Tatiana Wallace and Gabriel Velazquez   According to "Automated Journalism" by Andreas Grafe,...

Global Robot Revolution: EVERY Job Is At Risk?

by Dr. Iris Marie Mack, PhD, EMBA   The algorithms of a robot are progressively advancing, making the automation of more tasks possible, and, eventually, many occupations...

Management Jobs Taken Over By Robots

by Declan Flaherty, Taylor Fleming, Adrian Garcia, Joshua Gaspard, Brielle Gentile, Lauren Gill and Langston Goldenberg   The cost of using new industrial robots ranges between...

Robots Taking People’s Jobs at an Alarming Rate!

Research shows the dramatic degree to which robots are replacing people in the workforce and driving down wages.  Learn more about the robot labor...