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Keigo – Human interaction assisted by AI | Product Hunt

Keigo – Mutual Understanding Assisted by AI   Keigo is here to help you to be the best version of yourself. In case you have an...

Report: Artificial intelligence to help couples build relationships | abc30.com

A new study predicts that virtual assistants will be able to predict the success of your relationship with 75 percent accuracy. This content was...

DeepAI: The front page of A.I. | DeepAI

DeepAI: The front page of A.I. The most popular research, guides, news and more in artificial intelligence The world's most comprehensivedata science & artificial intelligenceglossary This content...

Linc wins 2018 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

Awards.AI is the biggest global annual achievement awards for artificial intelligence. Their focus is to support the AI community by recognizing the hard work...

How to look inside a star with artificial intelligence and sound...

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and sound waves, researchers have found a possible means of looking inside stars.This content was originally published here.

Passive Income: How to Make Money While You Sleep

  Are you tired of your monotonous, low-paying, 9 to 5 job? Are you overworked and feel like you haven’t gotten the chance to sleep...

A sidewalk robot that will hold your stuff

Smart telescopes, surveillance for dogs, an electric roadster and more from CES 2018.This content was originally published here.

A Burger Joint Where Robots Make Your Food

Creator, a San Francisco restaurant set to open this month, will offer a $6 gourmet burger, cooked and assembled with no human helpThis content...

Awesome Humanoid Robots (2014-2015)

World's top Humanoid Robots. Awesome Beatiful Humanoid Robot With Artificial Intelligence 2014-2015 World's Top Humanoid Robots Petman Humanoid