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Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Riches

Our gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty. by Mary Baker Eddy

Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Science Series – Ep 2

This video explains AI and how it will be used in robots and machines in the future.

Artificial Intelligence | Simulation Theory | Who is Awake

Watch the movie "The Machine" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34F0jU1uzcc

WHO CONTROLS AI? Dr. Ben Goertzel On What Artificial Intelligence Will...

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AI LIKE HUMANS: Dr. Ben Goertzel Talks About Why Artificial Intelligence...

Listen to Dr. Ben Goertzel talk about the possibility of AI developing consciousness.

Artificial Intelligence Composes New Christmas Songs | Hackaday

Neural networks can generate original content when given certain constraints. The "Made by AI" team used this tool to generate Christmas songs. To learn more...