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Automation with Humanity: Putting the Candidate First

Companies are increasing their investment in recruitment automation. They recognize that automation can improve efficiency lift the administrative burden reduce costs enable data-driven decisions play a critical role in...

Former President Jonathan, Diri canvass for electronic voting to curb thuggery

Former President Good luck Jonathan called for the immediate adoption of electronic voting system to curb the trend of politicians using thuggery and cultism...

FREE Digital Bootcamp: Expand Your Online Presence

This free digital bootcamp is a four-part series to help you expand your online presence by launching and growing your online e-commerce store. This digital...

Infographic: How AI advances have affected email tactics | Ragan Communications

AI technologies can help improve companies' PR with the use of email marketing and messaging. Using AI tools in your email campaign can help...

How artificial intelligence can help stop scam calls | CTV News

Bell's plan to use AI to stop scam phone calls has been approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Bell will use...

Opening bold frontiers in science with artificial intelligence | ShareAmerica

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the world, and the United States is leading the way in research and development and responsible AI initiatives. For...

Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Watch a forum of experts on AI and machine learning discuss the future of these technologies and how they will affect marketplace communications. For more...

Estonia approves the action plan for implementing AI

On June 5th, the e-Estonia council approved the "Kratt" strategy, an action plan to implement AI in the public and private sectors. To achieve...

How Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt the Financial Sector

Currently, most organizations collect a vast amount of data for their business operations. The financial sector, is particularly well-suited to benefit from AI technological...