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Artificial Intelligence – the revolution of automation

The production of the future is based on autonomous machines and robots which are using artificial intelligence, and are capable of learning and understanding...

Automatic Cable Cutting Machine

Edward Carlson need to cut a bunch of cables, but wasn’t keen on spending a whole 20 minutes measuring and snipping them. Instead, he...

Workplace automation and future jobs

The robots are coming for our jobs--that’s the widely held view. But the likely outcome is a bit more nuanced.This content was originally published...

Russia Is Planning A “Ground Force” of Armed Military Robots

Russia is working to develop a ground force of killer robots. For now, the tank-like bots need help from humans, but that may change...

The Heat: The Future of Automation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is being called the next wave in labor—in which man and machine become one. Sounds like science fiction?  CGTN’s Feng...

Universal Basic Income in Era of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Automation & Robots

Food for thought: What is the impact of automation & artificial intelligence on our economy?

Universal Robot Shows Off Cobot Technology at Plastec West 2016

Universal Robot was on hand at Plastec West 2016 with its UR line of collaborative robots or cobots. Read more about cobots here: http://www.ptonline.com/articles/from-robots-to-cobots-next-generation-automation-arrives-in-plastics-processing Read more about...

Bloomberg Technology: Robots Will Replace Hundreds of Millions of Workers by...

As we have discussed in previous blogs, robots are predicted to replace hundreds of millions of workers around the world in the next few...