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An Artificial Intelligence Tool Made These Super-Realistic ‘Fake’ Photos

Artificial Intelligence algorithms have come a far way - from creating black and white images in 2014 to lifelike fake photos in 2018.This content...

Artificial intelligence to ‘replace humans’ on battlefield as robot soldiers

ARTIFICIAL intelligence may radically alter warfare by replacing humans on the battlefield, a top expert believes.This content was originally published here.

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Be Fundamentally Different from Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will be fundamentally different from human intelligence and understanding how AI is different can help us mitigate risks.This content was originally published...

Christmas Songs Created By Artificial Intelligence – Worse Than Coal In...

“Our dataset consisted of about a hundred Christmas tunes and was collected in MIDI format.”This content was originally published here.

These Videos Show How Artificial Intelligence Can Use Celebrities to Deliver...

TechEBlog, The Latest Tech and Gadget NewsThis content was originally published here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Create Indistinguishable “False Reality”?

Graphics firm Nvidia released this video to illustrate how an outdoors photo taken in the winter can be transformed into the same scene, but...