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Chinese state media Xinhua unveils artificial intelligence news anchor

News anchors, look out. Robots are coming for your jobs!! This content was originally published here.

Artificial intelligence (AI) certifications | BCS – The Chartered Institute for...

At essentials level, you can work under supervision to carry out a range of activities independently monitor your own work in short timeframes absorb...

Editing Photos with Artificial Intelligence – Luminar 4

Check out how AI can help out with photo editing process.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Science Series – Ep 2

This video explains AI and how it will be used in robots and machines in the future.

Introductory workshop on Artificial Intelligence

Watch an introductory course on AI and Machine Learning.  

Webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare : Spotlight on future

Artificial intelligence is bringing a shift to healthcare by transforming multiple areas including genomics, surgical robotics, and drug discovery. Ms. Priya Hargunani conducted a...

Artificial Intelligence Changing Supply Chain and Business

Read more about how artificial intelligence is changing supply chain and business in this collection of blogs. For more information click here.

Leveraging Web Development with Artificial Intelligence – Atyantik Technologies

The advancement in AI and machine learning technology is allowing Web Development to grow and improve dramatically. Currently, the main purpose of web development...

Transhumanism & A.I – Men playing God (Artificial Intelligence, Robots, New...

#Transhumanism #AI #Technology #ElonMusk Transhumanism advocates for the transformation of the human condition by enhancing human intellect and physiology with advanced technologies.