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11 Thoughts to “Smart SWOT BOT Kids”

  1. Avatar Logan Peterson

    The SWOT analysis in this video was presented wonderfully and was well thought out. The dorms may not have been the best place to record the videos though.

  2. Avatar Ryen Stevens

    The SWOT analysis portion of the video is very well presented. I believe the video would have benefited from a better surrounding environment.

  3. Avatar Dylan Smith

    Informative but could have looked a little more professional.

  4. Avatar Cameron Bell

    enjoyed it

  5. Very nice but not so professional

  6. Avatar Matthew Noone II

    Video is very helpful, and also well produced and written.

  7. Avatar Hayden Serro

    The presentation in the beginning of the video was executed perfectly I learned a lot about the SWOT altogether the video had a good flow, great job.

  8. Avatar kiana

    good job showing a real life example

  9. Avatar Christian Kuchler

    This is a well done video.

  10. Avatar Brandon Thomas

    the video was good overall just a little more professionalism could have been present

  11. Avatar Jada Hackett

    Good presentation but it should be a little less casual

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