Rocket Project Management and SEO Pros

The Rocket Management and SEO Pros can help you “work smarter and not harder”.  They utilize lots of savvy artificial intelligence and project management tools to help you rocket your business to success.

The C-Suite of this dynamic team consists of:  Anthony Pena, Kate Petrovic, Jacob Piaseckyj, Liliana Pino, Tristan Pol and Gabriel Porges.



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10 Thoughts to “Rocket Project Management and SEO Pros”

  1. Avatar Logan Peterson

    Students in this group did a wonderful job explaining the business tools that small businesses can use. I learned a lot from this video, excellent presentation!

  2. Avatar Ryen Stevens

    The group members did an awesome job explaining the material… I learned a lot from this video.

  3. Avatar Dylan Smith

    Great job explaining everything although it is a little choppy.

  4. Avatar Cameron Bell

    very nice

  5. Avatar Hayden Serro

    Love the enthusiasm and the information came across easily great job.

  6. Avatar Sydney Davis

    I love how enthuastic they were and knew what they were talking about.

  7. Avatar Christian Kuchler

    This video is well done and funny.

  8. Avatar Brandon Thomas

    the info presented was informative and useful and good delivery

  9. Avatar Jada Hackett

    Great job guys, good delivery of the information

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