Robot Project Management Posse

If you need help organizing your business – and even your chaotic life – then the Robot Project Management Posse is here to the rescue!!

The Robot Project Management Posse cool team members are Zachary Wade Brewer, Devon Burd, Mollie Ann Bush, Timothy Scott Cameron, Angel Marie Cancienne, Grace Emily Campbell and Armando Joselli Castillo.  They can help you learn more about robots and project management automation tools.



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14 Thoughts to “Robot Project Management Posse”

  1. Avatar Logan Peterson

    This video has a lot of valuable information for the listener but you could have been more involved in the video instead of just reading. Still a great job!

  2. Personally I feel that the editing could’ve been better in the beginning. For example the video starts off by saying “insert text here” there should’ve been text inserted there. The information presented was relevant and effective, but the information was presented it would’ve been much more engaging for the audience instead of being read.

  3. Avatar Dylan Smith

    Could have edited better but still a good video.

  4. Avatar Jasmine Wilkins

    There was a lot of informative information about each application, especially the one about Ranksnap.

  5. Avatar Devon Burd

    I think the guy in the bomber jacket did the best, otherwise, I’d have to agree with the popular consensus that our editing could have been greatly improved upon.

  6. Avatar Cameron Bell

    great job! video is amazing

  7. Editing was not the best but besides that good.

  8. Avatar Matthew Noone II

    The editing could have been better, but this video was still very informative.

  9. Avatar Hayden Serro

    The only thing I would tweak is the few bits of editing at the beginning of the video but as a whole, the video flowed well great job.

  10. Avatar kiana

    information was clear and the group seemed very knowledgeable

  11. Avatar michael smith

    Video needs camera work but all in all good video.

  12. Avatar Christian Kuchler

    This video is good and informative.

  13. Avatar Brandon Thomas

    this was informative but could have used better editing

  14. Avatar Jada Hackett

    Great job guys, pretty clear delivery of information

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