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Robot Invasion in the Agricultural Field


by Savien Romaguera, Luke Rey,  Mary Schoen, Brandon Thomas, Gabriel Trastoy, Landon Trosclair, Chase Venn and Jasmine Wilkins  


Technology has drastically affected the efficiency in agricultural production. Through technology, new mechanisms have made producing less laborious and substantially quicker. With less labor and less time spent producing, massive amounts of money are saved by the producers. Because there is such a wide variety of agricultural production, an estimated amount saved varies in relation to which type of production.


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Robots are entering the workforce at a high rate and they have even gone into the field of agriculture. The International Federation of Robots (IFR) shows that robot density in manufacturing industries increased worldwide in 2016. This means more countries are turning to automation/robots to complete their manufacturing needs.The top 10 most automated countries in 2016 were: the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, the United States, Italy, Belgium and Taiwan — with the Republic of Korea leading at number 1. The IFR report shows that out of the 44 countries 23 fell below the average robot density of 74.

According to The Ultimate Guide to Agricultural Robotics the cost of using robots can be between $10,000 and $750,000. Don’t let these large numbers scare you. Many farmers say they pay for themselves in under a year! They are cheaper than labor costs added up every year and work so much faster. These robots are making more money for farmers and with the benefit of not costing the farmers a lot of money.


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As technology develops, robots are being programed to dominate the agricultural industry as far as field work goes. The tasks that robots are doing are more efficient than previously done by migrant workers. Robots are dominating the industry because they’re able to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. According to Business Insider, some robots have already taken over a few jobs. An example is an autosteer system which has taken over the job of the driver of tractors. These robots are so smart and effective that they are already making a big difference in farming. Robots have the ability to tend to crops every day, year-round. This affects humans since they now require more advanced skills to be able to compete with robots.


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So what is the end-game for robots in the agricultural field? The end-game for robots in the agricultural field is fixing the dwindling workforce of farmers, but it is also going to leave many without jobs. These robots are working at tremendous speeds and are working at the speed to take the place of 30 workers. This is necessary because according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the global population is expected to rise from 7 to 9.2 billion by 2050. Therefore, a 60% increase in food production is required. According to Artificial Intelligence: Endgame for Farming or Fresh Start the new farmer is going to be a programmer, scientist and robot guru who can work with the robots to make them work properly and fix them when something happens. It will come to the point when there are very few actual farmers in the agricultural field.