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19 Thoughts to “Online Business Essentials | Applications of Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Avatar Joaquin Diez

    Great video, very well explained

  2. Avatar juan Berru

    Great editing, the information was accurate, and the message was clear. I would personally just try to make it slightly less informal

  3. Avatar Logan Peterson

    Great video content and editing. This video was very educational and organized. The students were very prepared.

  4. Avatar Ryen Stevens

    This video contains great content and the editing skills used make it are very interesting. All of the students looked prepared and were well educated on the topic.

  5. Avatar Dylan Smith

    Great Job editing!

  6. Avatar Jasmine Wilkins

    This video provides a lot of information while still attempting to keep the audience engaged. It is very helpful for those who want to learn about these essentials.

  7. Avatar Willis Hardaway

    The compilation of information allowed me to properly follow along with the information and the delivery was clear and concise.

  8. Avatar Devon

    Great audio and visuals, really outdid yourselves on the editing as well.

  9. Avatar cameron bell

    great job!!!

  10. Good editing, very helpful for inexperienced people.

  11. Avatar Tim Cameron

    Great Transitions between clips and solid information, job well done.

  12. Avatar Brandon Thomas

    This video is well informed and has good video quality

  13. Avatar Matthew Noone II

    Cool Video, the script was also pretty well written. The editing was also excellent.

  14. Avatar Jose Sarti

    I really enjoyed the sound effects of the video it matched perfect

  15. Avatar Hayden Serro

    I really enjoyed the video and loved the editing, great job.

  16. Avatar kiana

    Super engaging video, easy to watch and understand

  17. Avatar Michael Smith

    The information explained in the video was very easy for me to comprehend.

  18. Avatar Christian Kuchler

    This video is well done and easy to understand.

  19. Avatar Jada Hackett

    well organized video guys!

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