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MTX to provide U.S. School Districts FREE access to a Health Monitoring and Control App to help fight the spread of the Coronavirus


The app provides a centralized monitoring and control system that enables actionable insights to mobilize the necessary resources quickly while adhering to all the required government data privacy and security laws, including HIPAA compliance.

Schools will immediately be able to benefit from the application’s features and can be up in running in less than 24 hours. Benefits include:

“Children and student safety is important for all of us at MTX and we are proud to play a significant part in this fight. Our MTX Innovation Team is rapidly deploying health monitoring and control applications across the country. We strongly believe that our public schools will immensely benefit from having free and rapid access to this application to contain this pandemic,” said Das Nobel, CEO of MTX Group. “Our families have a special place in our hearts at MTX. Earlier this year, we announced a full 1 year paid maternity leave for our employees. This is just another step forward in how MTX combines our innovative mind-set with our family-focused culture.”

About MTX

MTX Group, Inc is a global cloud technology partner that enables organizations to become a fit enterprise through digital transformation and strategy. MTX is powered by the Maverick Artificial Intelligence platform and has deep expertise in the public sector providing proprietary designs and innovative concept accelerators.

For media inquiries and to learn more about how MTX is providing innovative transformative solutions to help limit the spread of contagious diseases, please reach out to [email protected].


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