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More than 7K robots to take on construction work by 2025 | Construction Dive


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Although the construction industry has historically resisted automation, a nationwide shortage of skilled labor may push U.S. firms to consider artificial intelligence to fill the gap. The technology is rapidly advancing, with robots being employed to hang drywall, weld and lay bricks.

In order to maintain high standards of craftsmanship, some companies are looking to a hybrid “cobot” option. Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside human counterparts instead of replacing them entirely to improve productivity for tasks that would otherwise be considered busywork for employees, according to the Robotics Business Review. They can also significantly lower operating costs by cutting down on the amount of labor needed for a project.

A few companies are offering construction robot products for sale or lease, said Tractica senior analyst Glenn Sanders. The main categories that are currently available include robots for demolition, bricklaying, drilling, 3D printing and rebar tying, plus a few exoskeletons and assistant robots for lifting loads, he said.

Sanders added that midsize and major construction companies are beginning to incorporate these robots to solve issues related to worker shortages, safety, speed, accuracy, and integration with building automation and BIM.

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