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Hyundai developing injury-diagnosing AI technology | CarAdvice


Hyundai is working with a Korean artificial intelligence (AI) specialist on technology capable of diagnosing injuries after a car accident.

Using inbuilt sensors, Hyundai says the system will quickly (within seven seconds of impact) build a picture of what’s happening in the cabin after a crash, before sharing that information – and information about which safety systems activated in the car – with emergency services.

It will also scan the car for damage, and create a detailed report of what’s wrong for the manufacturer. Hyundai says it’ll be able to design safer, stronger cars by knowing more about what’s damaged across a range of accident types.

At the moment, the artificial intelligence company (MDGo) is working to train the system’s brain by comparing its injury assessments with “real data on patients’ injuries”. This process of teaching the software is called ‘iterative enhancement’.

There’s no timeline provided on when this technology could roll out in Hyundai production cars.

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