Killer Robots

Professor Stuart Russell is an artificial intelligence (AI) expert at the University of California.  He said allowing machines to kill humans can endanger our...

Walmart Is Quietly Putting Robots To Work

Walmart is utilizing self-driving machines to scrub its floors. These machines autonomously rol themselves around Walmart stores, cleaning up after people.

UR3: The world’s most flexible, light-weight table-top cobot to work alongside humans

0 Being a pioneer of collaborative robots or Cobots has the small robots are nicknamed, we have created a new, smaller robot for light assembly tasks and ...

War Robots [WR] Tutorial – 10 TIPS on how to become a BETTER player

0 War Robots Tutorial. In this video I share 10 tips which I have picked up over the 2+ years of playing War Robots. Below I have also included them for those who ...