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GV 2015 Year in Review


On December 7th, 2015, we’re spending the day with more than 300 entrepreneurs at our GV Founder & CEO Summit. We made a short video to celebrate their accomplishments, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it:
It’s been a great year, and we were fortunate to invest in 39 companies I’m really enthusiastic about. Here’s a breakdown of where we invested in 2015.
Life science and health remain our most active areas of investment. They will continue to be a focus for us in 2016 and beyond. We’ll also look to make big investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, and other deep technological innovations that we can’t anticipate. Part of the adventure in this business is not really knowing where great ideas will come from, and where curiosity and invention will lead us.
I’m very proud of our life science team here at GV, and this area will remain a key focus for us now and in the future. I can think of no more important mission than to improve human health and global quality of life. Everyone has a right to nutritious food, clean water, and the best medical care — and I believe our team can help by investing in the companies that will make that a reality.
We enter 2016 with $2.4 billion under management. We’re grateful for the opportunity we have to help founders achieve their dreams, and excited for many more years of investing, supporting entrepreneurs, and having fun. For more, visit our new website at GV.com .
Thanks for your support in 2015, and here’s to a great 2016!

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