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Fighting the Rise of the Machines


Mary Wareham wants to be clear: This isn’t about the Terminator.

At the same time, she knows a flashy name will get more attention: Hence, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

“This is about framing a future threat. One way in which we’re trying to do that is not by using images of the Terminator and talking about far-off depictions of military application of artificial intelligence,” Wareham said in a recent interview with The Hill. “We’ve been more interested in looking at existing weapons systems today because there are many now that have got some autonomy in them.”

Wareham is the global coordinator for the group, which since 2013 has brought together several nongovernmental organizations with the goal of pre-emptively banning fully autonomous weapons and ensuring humans retain control over critical functions of weapons systems and the decision to launch an attack.

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