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‘Deepfake’ AI can turn the Mona Lisa into a convincing real person


AI can now turn the Mona Lisa into a real life person with just one picture.

A paper published by a Samsung artificial intelligence lab in Russia shows the ability to convincingly turn artworks and celebrity photographs into moving images. 

The technology raises the prospect of convincing “deep fakes”, videos showing politicians and even people who have died saying things they never said, created just with still images of their faces. 

The paintings were animated using the facial expressions of a real person, while celebrity photographs of figures such as David Beckham were turned into video using footage of them speaking on a different occasion. 

The researchers, based at the Samsung AI Center in Moscow, also performed the effect on images of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein, using the moving facial features of other people which was then “mapped” onto their faces, a technique known as “puppeteering”. 

Other models have required a large set of images in order to create a fake video, but Samsung’s method can do it with just one, though the effect is more convincing if more images are used.

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