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Create Intelligence at the Edge with the Ultra96 Board


There is no question that artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot right now. AI is already making everyday life better and easier with things like autonomous cars and personal assistant robots. With a promise that systems are only getting smarter, more accurate and accessible, the possible applications of AI seem endless.
AI computing and more specifically, machine learning computing, can be done remotely in the cloud, in a data warehouse, or at the “edge” right on a device. Edge computing is most ideal when real-time response and lowest latency is critical.
Avnet and Xilinx would like to see what types of edge AI designs the Hackster community can develop using the new Ultra96 Development Board . Example edge application categories include, but are not limited to, autonomous vehicles, drones or robots, industrial or home IoT, and consumer electronics.
The Avnet Ultra96 Development Board features a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, which integrates an Arm multicore, multiprocessing system with programmable logic that can be used to hardware accelerate compute-intensive tasks. This is critical in producing real-time response and decision making in systems — as many intelligent systems require.
The top three projects using the Avnet Ultra96 Development Board will be awarded some nifty prizes, such as a top-of-the-line Google Pixelbook! But that’s not all. Any ideas entered before August 27th are also eligible to win a trip to Silicon Valley to attend the 2018 Xilinx Developer Forum on October 1st and 2nd, where they’ll even have a chance to showcase their completed work.
To help get you started, we’re giving away 30 Ultra96s to the top ideas submitted on or before August 27th . Don’t worry if you miss the deadline, you can still buy your own FPGA board here .
For more details on the Create Intelligence at the Edge Contest, as well as our upcoming virtual workshop on September 11th and technical webinar on September 25th, be sure to check out the official page! Submissions close on October 15th.

Additional Resources

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