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Chess legend Garry Kasparov warns of a ‘cyber Cold War’


Ominous warnings about artificial intelligence spelling doom for mankind are pointless — it’s state actors like Russia and China we should be worrying about, according to former world chess champion Garry Kasparov.

“We should stop wasting our time talking of killer robots and terminators,” Kasparov told reporters in Paris last week. “No matter how sophisticated algorithms may be, it still needs a bad human actor.”

And as long as there are bad actors out there, he adds, “new technologies will give them new opportunities.” For context, Kasparov was asked by CNBC about the possibility of AI being used in a new wave of potentially crippling cyberattacks.

“Right now we are in some sort of cyber Cold War, and deterrence is the only response,” said Kasparov. “It seems like there’s no political will to make such a strong statement.”

Kasparov, who famously took on IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer at a game of chess in the late ’90s — winning the first match and losing the second — has since become an outspoken political activist, and is now a security ambassador for antivirus maker Avast. He’s widely considered to be the best chess player of all time.

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