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Can Intelligent Robot Politicians End Government Corruption?


The Daily Star recently reported that an artificial intelligence (AI) program is attempting to become the first ever virtual politician in the world.  In addition, on an episode of the Black Mirror, an AI program known as SAM aspires to enter politics in New Zealand.

SAM has been programmed to answer questions on a wide range of subjects: policy, education, immigration, etc.  It is also developing its AI by having conversations on Facebook Live.  The inventor of SAM – Nick Gerritsen – claims his robot will be intelligent enough to compete in the 2020 general elections in New Zealand.

What do you think?  Could SAM be the politician of the future?  We already know that robots can be programmed to perform many tasks more efficiently and much faster than humans.  So, my bet is they will definitely get more work done than our current bunch of lazy politicians.

Also, considering the amount of corruption in governments around the globe, do you think robots can be programmed to be more ethical?    Well, that depends.  Robots are only unbiased as far as they are programmed to be.  Hence, the morals and standards of future robot politicians would reflect those of the people (or even robots) that develop and program them.

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