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Man versus Machine: Are robots taking over more jobs by the day?

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Man versus Machine: Are robots taking over more jobs by the day?

Blue collar and white collar professionals are being increasingly replaced by robots.

International Business Times

by Dr. Iris Mack

Robots are not coming. They are already here. I know this from firsthand experiences. I’m using robots and AI apps in my small business. And when I say small, I mean really tiny! So you can just imagine what larger corporations and governments are using.

When artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning were discovered, experts told us not to worry because technology creates new jobs while eliminating old ones. (Shah, R).

They oftentimes cite case studies from the Industrial Revolution to prove their point. In other words they saw technology displacing but not replacing workers – with the hope of freeing up human time devoted to doing mundane task to allow them to do more creative work.

However lately, as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, we mere mortals definitely have something to worry about.

In 2013, researchers at Oxford University estimated that 47% of all American jobs might be automated and taken over by computers by the year 2033. (Sherman, E). In a January 2017 report the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that almost half of today’s work activities are likely to be automated by 2055, give or take 20 years (Manyika, J).

Robots have been used successfully to perform repetitive blue collar jobs in factories in the past few decades, in some cases replacing all human workers in an assembly line. The International Federation of Robotics claims that there are about 1,630,000 robots in use worldwide (Wikipedia). So far in the USA, each robot introduced in a manufacturing concern displaces 5.6 workers (The Economist).

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