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Artificial Intelligence Robot ‘Aglio Kim’ Serves Customers At South Korean Restaurant


For the restaurant industry which is trying to cope with challenges while providing the services minimising human contact and maintaining social distance are the two crucial challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In South Korea’s Seoul, a trolley-like robot has been designed which uses artificial intelligence (A.I) to serve food to the customers at a restaurant. Known as ‘Aglio Kim’, the robot helps in minimising human interaction.

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After customers order through a touch-screen digital menu on the table, the 1.25-meter-tall robot, developed by South Korean telecoms company KT Corp, brings the food to the table.

It has been designed to use its visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) capabilities to avoid obstacles while serving and navigate around customers.

The robot is equipped with food trays which can carry up to 30 kilograms and can reportedly deliver food to up to four tables at once. It has an LCD screen and speaker that can communicate in both Korean and English.

“Customers found the robot serving quite unique and interesting, and also felt safe from the coronavirus,” said Lee Young-ho, a manager at the Mad for Garlic restaurant which has tested the robot this month, reported Reuters.

From Monday, September 14 restaurants and cafes in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area have been allowed to operate after 9 p.m. while following COVID-19 protocols.

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