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Angry Radiologist Asks To Share His Message On All Platforms After Scanning The Lungs Of A Person With Potential Coronavirus Who Was Flying Despite His Symptoms | Bored Panda


Imgur user and radiologist HeyYoMikey8 said the unknown future is the hardest part of the coronavirus pandemic. HeyYoMikey8 believes it is our own responsibility to educate ourselves so we can all do our part during these difficult times. So, to make it easier for us, the health professional shared what they’re seeing in cases of Covid-19 radiographically. The comprehensive commentary, as well as images used to help in the diagnosis and managing complications or evaluating the progression of the disease, should definitely broaden your understanding of what we’re all facing.

Image credits: HeyYoMikey8

The radiologist went to great lengths to explain what the coronavirus is all about

Interestingly, in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, radiological imaging was not regarded as a way to confirm evidence for COVID-19 cases. Instead, authorities relied on a positive result of the PCR nucleic test. The supply of the PCR test kits, however, was limited and getting back the results took a long time. So, Chinese health authorities soon recognized these difficulties and changed the diagnostic strategy in their 5th edition of the Guidelines on Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19. As a result, radiological features of COVID-19 were included as one of the three determinant clinical manifestations to confirm a suspicious patient. The high efficiency, reliability, and accessibility of the radiological diagnostic technology have helped tremendously in identifying the disease. These processes were soon enhanced further by the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

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