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Agencies Asked for Examples of Reskilling Employees


OPM has asked agencies to provide examples of how they are working to reskill and upskill employees, reminding them that it is a priority in the President’s Management Agenda.

A memo said that OPM is “looking for your examples of best of breed; promising practices; and innovative approaches to concentrate on the reskilling and upskilling of our workforces. The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) noted that “the workforce for the 21st Century must enable senior leaders and front-line managers to align staff skills with evolving mission needs. This will require more nimble and agile management of the workforce, including reskilling and redeploying existing workers to keep pace with the current pace of change.”

It suggested that agencies “focus on the many talent development programs across federal government. If appropriate, we are looking at possible wholesale changes and a technological ecosystem approach to mitigate any challenges you have identified,” it said.

Reskilling employees in the wake of changes including expanded use of artificial intelligence and other innovations has been a running theme for the administration not only through the PMA but through annual budget proposals and other workforce initiatives.

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