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‘A new cold war’: China hawks have built a cosy nest in the White House


“In areas like 5G, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, semiconductors, robotics, hypersonics, augmented reality and biotech, President Xi is making a play for first place, and he’s doing it using the model that the United States pioneered into technological dominance in the 20th century.”

Anja Manuel says the Washington foreign policy establishment’s assertive turn on China began in the middle of 2015. The hardening of views was largely a reaction to Xi’s increasingly authoritarian and expansionist posture, she says.

It was at this time that the Chinese government released its Made in China 2025 plan, outlining its goal to become an advanced technology powerhouse. The Chinese military also became increasingly active in the South China Sea.

Meanwhile US business leaders were beginning to grasp the systemic barriers they faced in gaining access to the Chinese market.

A few weeks ago, Republican senator Dan Sullivan and Democratic colleague Chris Van Hollen introduced the True Reciprocity Act, which targets what they called the “substantial imbalance” in the US-China relationship. The aim is to get the US government to treat Chinese diplomats, journalists, businesses and non-government groups as their American counterparts are treated in China.

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