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Watch this robot thread a needle – CNN Video

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.This content was originally published here.

A Heavy Duty All Terrain 4WD Robot That Can Carry 250lbs Load!! | Sia...

This is a 4WD robot that uses four of our heavy duty 120 RPM Wheel Chair Motors and our 13" tiller tires. The wheels...

Animation DFKI Octopus robot working within an underwater scene

©DFKI GmbH/Robotics Innovation Center, Animation: Stefan Haase http://robotik.dfki-bremen.de/ Video has been created for the SFB proposal.

Tiny Robots That Repair Pipes Could Eliminate Road Work

The U.K. is investing millions of dollars into the development of micro-robots capable of navigating and repairing underground pipes.This content was originally published here.

Bruno Maisonnier: Dance, tiny robots! | TED Talk

There's a place in France where the robots do a dance. And that place is TEDxConcorde, where Bruno Maisonnier of Aldebaran Robotics choreographs a...

Former Google Chief to Chair Government Artificial Intelligence Advisory Group – Nextgov

Eric Schmidt will join 14 other tech experts on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.This content was originally published here.

Mexican students win direct pass to Robotics World Championship – The Yucatan Times

Seven teams made up of PrepaTec students already have their direct pass to the robotics world FIRST Robotics Competition, which will be held next...

C.R.A.B. Robot (Alternative Music Score 2)

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE C.R.A.B. ROBOT HERE: http://www.jamiemartindesign.co.uk

Artificial Intelligence Needs a Woman’s Touch | The Chivas Venture & Nelly Yusupova

Founder of Digital Woman and TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, Nelly Yusupova, explains why it’s crucial for more women to be involved in developing AI. For...