Robots Taking People’s Jobs at an Alarming Rate!

Research shows the dramatic degree to which robots are replacing people in the workforce and driving down wages.  Learn more about the robot labor force by reading this article in the International Business Times - UK edition. Also, if you need a holiday present for...

Can Intelligent Robot Politicians End Government Corruption?

The Daily Star recently reported that an artificial intelligence (AI) program is attempting to become the first ever virtual politician in the world.  In addition, on an episode of the Black Mirror, an AI program known as SAM aspires to enter politics in New...

Meet ROSS, Your Brand New Artificially Intelligent Lawyer

Attorney Andrew Arruda often observed the scales of justice tip in favor of the wealthy.  This led to him partnering with a computer scientist to develop the world’s first artificially intelligent legal assistant, ROSS. By speeding up legal research, Attorney...

Chatbot DoNotPay: “World’s First Robot Lawyer”


Major Investment Bank Replacing Thousands of Employees with Robots

Many of us may be aware of how robots are being used to replace blue-collared labor in manufacturing, farming, etc. However, many people may not realize that robots are also replacing white-collared labor as well - bankers, lawyers, etc.... A case in point: a major...

Robotic Surgeons Will Revolutionize Healthcare

Medical doctors operating on patients while controlling robotic arms may become a new norm in hospitals.

BRIEF: Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Smart Bet

Artificial intelligence is starting to enable computer vision – the ability of software to use sensors to interpret visual data – things are heating up.This content was originally published here.

Artificial Intelligence Market 2018: Key Application Areas for Growth in Healthcare IT – Forecast to 2022 –

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 3, 2018--The "Artificial Intelligence Market Key Application Areas for Growth in Healthcare IT, Forecast to 2022" report has been added to's offering.This content was originally published here.

Sci-fi reads with terrifying artificial intelligence villains

Everett Public Library staff recommend these science-fiction books for its 2018 Reading Challenge.This content was originally published here.

Netflix’s ‘Next Gen’ trailer features John Krasinski as your robot buddy

Netflix's movies and shows couldn't compete at Cannes this year, but the streaming titan did come home with more content -- including worldwide distribution rig...This content was originally published here.